Our Big Six – Remembering What We Want to Change/Make/Do/Be

When we started this project, the leadership team identified six core principles that should live in whatever curriculum resources emerged from the work. They are these:

  1. Creation (media creation) products authentic to me, to others, and using real world tools.
  2. Reflection
  3. Empathy
  4. Perspective Taking
  5. Collaboration – with social interactions sometimes required in a unit, and sometimes not
  6. Revision & Feedback

As members of our teams are now teaching and planning and revising and designing and growing and learning and wondering together, I feel a need to return to these six core ideas, and flesh them out a bit, maybe ask some questions about them. So over the next few weeks, I intend to write a little more about each one here on the blog, and ask teams and teachers where and how these principles are emerging and taking root in the work.

How and where are you seeing these principles in our design together? How and where might they be missing and underdeveloped? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Karla Scornavacco
    January 30, 2016

    Reflection: designers – teachers and researchers alike – sharing updates and wonderings, frustrations and successes, in journals, during planning sessions, in meetings…on one’s own blog too…and in this one. Reflection in different spaces, in other words – some with more structure and intentionality…some out of habit, and some as a start in what is likely a comfort zone. A team – anyone welcome to join – drafting or curating more ideas for purposeful reflection…for multi purposes (e.g., a mood check vs. a link to experience vs. a check on curriculum vs. an idea and execution of next steps). More on that in coming blogs! Let’s hear more. Curious about the students…and appreciate continuing to learn about what our team’s teachers and students already doing/used to…and what ideas for reflection presented or formed in meetings or slack or over coffee or wherever might be new, and more experimental.

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